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 Post subject: Likes and dislikes of the e-NV2000
PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 9:30 am 

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I like the cargo space, the two 120-volts outlets and the thermal-control system for the battery, but I dislike the small battery capacity. I am guessing the EPA range will be lease than the 84 miles that the same battery gives the LEAF. If the e-NV200 had a 100-miles range I would be very interested in it.

 Post subject: Re: Likes and dislikes of the e-NV2000
PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 9:31 am 

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I should have written "less" rather than "lease".

 Post subject: Re: Likes and dislikes of the e-NV2000
PostPosted: Tue Aug 12, 2014 10:51 pm 

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I am also surprised that Nissan didn't increase the size of the battery pack from the LEAF since this vehicle obviously has more space... and now Nissan is saying it might not be a good fit for North America!?

 Post subject: Re: Likes and dislikes of the e-NV2000
PostPosted: Sat Sep 13, 2014 1:59 pm 

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For inner-city urban delivery, I think the e-NV200 is ideal - even with the 'shorter' range than the Leaf. Most of the driving would be at optimum speeds.

And for the passenger version, for the parent who just takes kids to school, does some grocery shopping, etc, the short range isn't as big of a deal. Most everyone has a second vehicle, and that can be the one for the 'road trips' that everyone seems to be worried about not being able to take in an electric vehicle.

I haven't been on a road trip for 7 years... :lol:

 Post subject: Re: Likes and dislikes of the e-NV2000
PostPosted: Tue Jan 20, 2015 1:13 pm 

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We have had Chevy Volt for 8 months and e-NV200 for a month now, so I'm kind of comparing these two.


I like in e-NV200:
+ shifter, easy to switch between D and B to adjust regen.
+ quick charging (Volt would be so much better with quick charging option)
+ huge cargo space
+ bluetooth connectivity on infotainment system
+ performance. It's not a Tesla but still fun to drive :)
+ good mirrors
+ heated steering wheel

And dislikes:
- narrow door pockets
- no heat pump
- Carwings sucks
- only one 12 V output in cabin, no output in cargo space. Volt has one on top of the dashboard, which is great.
- no center arm rest
- it looks too much like Leaf
- charge port has to be opened from the cabin

2014 e-NV200 / 2012 Chevy Volt

 Post subject: Re: Likes and dislikes of the e-NV200
PostPosted: Sat Dec 03, 2016 1:05 am 

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Only had it 3 days (replaced Leaf and Electric Berlingo) so here's a list of observations and contstructive (hopefully, so they can make better vans) criticisms so far:

shifter much better than Leaf and mechanical Park not solenoid.
Parking brake design much better than Leaf, proper (and nice feeling) handbrake
Dual sliding doors work well and good size.
good cargo space.
60/40 rear doors.
Being mot-exempt (UK)

Don't Like
An obvious one and something I knew before buying but.. small battery for size/weight. Smaller battery than the current Leaf!
Bulkhead is awful I had to remove it as the sound pressure waves were doing my head in, even driving it down my driveway.
Seats uncomfortable, far too hard and flat. I get butt ache after only 25 minutes or so. I can sit all day in a Citroen / Peugeot , Volvo etc no problem.
A lot of road noise (way louder than Berlingo)
Bouncy ride. Things literally leap off the floor in the back when going over bumps that my Citroen van barely notices. (e-nv has cart springs on the back despite no live rear axle!)
Silly keyless entry nonsense. Give me a proper key in ignition lock any day. Stupid start/stop/radioaccessory cyclic button. Not only is it in the wrong place, it should be by the door so you can reach it without having to climb in, (then it could do its boot up sequence while you get in) but it would have been so much better as a rotary switch . It feels horrible, unintuitive and non confidence inspiring. Also annoying to have to press the brake pedal before it will turn the van fully on. Why not have it only so you need to press it to take it out of Park.
why not double passenger seat, the console design is pretty unfathomable, no bottle holder etc.
Regen is poor even in B mode and non existant if battery is quite full.
no tweeters up on pillar etc, can't really hear the sound from radio/handsfree phone from the RH door speaker by your feet
wind noise/ whistle from mirror or door or something
displays are too bright at night (radio etc)
narrow door pockets, how do you get small things out of them, and how would you even clean them if you can't get your hand in.
The following are in stupid positions:
cigar lighter. Aux and USB sockets.
reversing camera screen (the one by the speedo) you can't see it unless steering wheel straight ahead
heated seat switches
heated steering wheel switch (why not have the button on the wheel!)
buttons for trip / display etc.
electric mirror control (why is it not by the window switches)
D/B mode would be better not where it is. A switch next to eco would be much better, and one you can leave permenantly in B, why would you ever not want to be in B.

Styling: This van is ugly from the front.
momentary fog lamp switch instead of proper one like the light switch is.
All the lights go out when you turn the van 'ignition' off!
heater controls are annoying and require you to take eyes off road to read the tiny symbols on the screen to change the mode. What's wrong with a nice traditional rotary dial?
no charge cable lock
cargo light is obtrusive and looks like an afterthought, can't be turned on from front except by opening front door, which you can't do while moving of course.
no windows on the van and i don't think a side window is even an option on this model, without buying a Combi.
reversing camera is not in the middle, gives distorted misleading view.
Reversing lights have wrong type of light spread. poor night view from camera
Digital speedo would be so much nicer as analogue like electric Berlingo and diesel NV200. The digit segments are lights, and these lights are constantly turning on and off even when changing speed by 1mph of course.

I don't like the seats being so high. Much less easy to get into and out of on multidrop delivery (compared to Berlingo) the plastic step area seems superfluous.
Floor mats which are there to protect the carpet of course, don't cover the carpet! About half the area by the pedals, particularly where you rest your left foot is completely avoided by tailor-made e-nv200 mat.

Heated steering wheel is dumb, it only heats the outside, so not your fingertips, and you have two settings. Far too hot, or off. After you have held the wheel for about 10 seconds the part you are holding cools down , leaving only the part of the wheel you are not holding hot.
Heated seats have a mind of their own and the frontmost part is cold. Seems to work much better just being left on the low setting.
Takes too long to 'boot up' and it isn't clear when it is ready. Sometimes it won't go, displays a /\ P symbol and I have to put it back in Park (but neutral seems to work too) and try again.
The sound of the indicators disappears if it is making another beep.
Remote climate button is way to easy to accidently press. Danger of running down van battery. It also doesn't seem to come on at all if the battery is below about a quarter full.
Remote climate, no way of telling if it has received off signal (no light flash)
Can't go from ON back to accessories. So when you pull up somewhere and you are on a phone call for instance you have to cut the person off, because the only way to turn the van back to accessory or radio mode is to turn it fully off them back through the sequence.
Charge won't start if accessories are on, you have to turn off, start charge then turn back on.
Charge port would be better at the rear in my opinion as I like to park facing out always whether at home or elsewhere.
I don't like the creep, or the inability to turn it off. Bad for downhill traffic situations.
No reversing buzzer yet there is one for when you are going forwards
you can't change or permenantly disable the awful pedestrian buzzer sound. It sounds like a bad wheel bearing.
indicator /headlamp dip stalk could do with some grip or concave end so it is easier to operate with finger tip
Charge % not displayed on dash while on charge (berlingo does)
huge waste of space under the bonnet
surprised to see rear disc brakes, why?

think that's it for now. :P

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