Nissan e-NV200 Pictures

Check out the e-NV200 electric van, unveiled by Nissan at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, in this collection of promotional photos.

The e-NV200 electric minivan is available in both cargo and passenger configurations. The Passenger version has 2 bucket seats up front, and a 3 place bench seat in the rear, and still ample cargo space.

Based on the Nissan Leaf, the e-NV200 drivetrain is largely unchanged, aside from the battery pack being assembled in a completely different shape and configuration in order to allow maximum cargo space in the compact electric van.

In Japan, the e-NV200 comes available in a 7 seater ‘G’ model wagon:

The Japanese e-NV200 comes in a 7 seat passenger configuration – we’ll have to see if this option makes it to North America!

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